10 Ways To Supercharge Your Affiliate Conversions

The Internet is awash with affiliates and multiple amounts of people stating that they earn anywhere from $10,000/ month to $10,000/month…same price all the time isn’t it?

Many people disguise their affiliate links hoping that will tip the balance into your favour and people will buy, buy, buy! Their affiliate conversions then go down.

However getting someone to buy anything is harder than it really seems.

Here are a few tips to get people to buy through your own affiliate links and increase affiliate conversions:

1- If the cookie has been placed with someone else and they click through your link- do you get he commission? Some people who have promoted lifetime products have actually promoted the previous persons link because they got to them first.

2- A content page/website is a really good vehicle to promote your affiliate product, however I found that people will click through on the link- especially if it is a detailed (pictures and video) of the product- but few will buy right away. There is no incentive.

3- An email directing people to a content page full of information (as per point 2) funnels a large amount of targeted people to something that they might need- you get more clicks. No link of the webpage goes anywhere apart from a “money link”, in other words the links generate you money or go back to your content.

4- The product needs to be brand new with features similar to a competitor- so it is “familiar” but adds something else.

5- The product can be “tried and tested” old product but is now at a bargain price (which you can buff up by adding additional content).

6- Affiliate links get clicked through only if the product is needed and is what the audience wants. I used to promote this one electronic item which got heavy CTRs- however no-one bought the item- what they did do was to hunt around the host site and then buy something that they really did want. I then adjusted put the most common items onto my website. Same goes for if you can find the cheapest price online affiliate link that works.

7- Why should they buy from you in the first place? There are a huge amount of content websites with thousands of pages of pure content that have trust. That is who you are up against. Do you have an exclusive, a great bonus product- which isn’t tacky, an awesome discount?

8- Email is the goal as everyone knows, however it is how you actually use email that is the gold idea. Cross promoting your offers and webpage content is the best strategy therefore you need items that can be cross promoted in the first place. So cameras, which are overly promoted, can be split up into lenses, tripods etc. However you have to be careful because of the type of camera- Nikon items might not work with Canon. So you need to choose the brand and target everything from that brand but have separate websites for all the peripherals and separate email lists so that they do not become contaminated with irrelevant data.

9- The more you promote a certain product the more reason the vendor will help you out. You get large websites offering higher commissions for larger sales, but the smaller websites will offer you a customised landing page which will promote your brand, offer credibility and increase conversions. However they will only do this if they know that you have been giving them sales in the first place. The best affiliates grow their reputation by communicating with the websites whose products that they are promoting- who do you think the vendors go top when a new product is going to appear and they want it promoting? I even got an email asking me to promote a product for 95% commission instead of the usual 75%, plus I got the landing page and some other items for the help.

10- Think outside the box. Just because they like cameras doesn’t mean that they might not like something different. They might be buying the camera because they are a newbie and have read that that camera is the best for a newbie, therefore what do you do? Offer a course on photography- video/ ebook and the commissions will be greater. If they are a seasoned pro they are always looking for cost saving methods, how to get better jobs, how to promote themselves- well how about Site builing ebook/ course that is tailored for them- you might have to do it with a bit of research but the sales price would be worth it.

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