11 Ways To Selling Kindle Books…Successfully

Selling Kindle Books or actually any “tablet ebook” is actually very simple. The problem is actually writing the thing in the first place…which is actually easy.

Now why are people making such a big deal about getting their books onto Kindle etc?

Because there seems to be a mystery about it- it can not be that easy, it can not be that simple.

Actually it is.

Amazon tells you how to format your book and there are plenty of free resources as well, the best one being the Smashwords format guide which is essentially a guide to format all Tablet books, you can find it here for free: Selling Kindle Books: Style Guide.

Then all you have to do is read it, put down your own words and then upload to Amazon or Smashwords.

But many people have done that and still find little in the way to success.

The problem?

It is because their book is just not right.

To be successful on any format you need the following…and I mean NEED.

  • If you are selling non-fiction you will not have the same success and fiction because people want a quick read traveling to work/ eating lunch/ reading in bed etc. A 99c non-fiction book will not make you much money at all.
  • Price comes into play a lot. 99c is good for a quick buy, but 2.99 is actually a better price for most books. But remember if you are selling one book and you think that people will buy it in droves you will be mistaken.
  • You life work at creating a novel is boring. It will not sell for $14. Chop it up into smaller mini-books and then sell them for 99c/2.99.
  • Link all the books together so when they have read one they can click onto the next book.
  • Use your own affiliate code to link to the other books.
  • Non-fiction authors need to have a mailing list so that you can rush people to your work and make money quickly that way and shoot your book up the charts. It is not a good long term strategy because of different Amazon equations.
  • Use Amazon resources as a leap pad to your books by offering a free version.
  • If you are selling a book make sure that you market your books website/webpage and not through some other service. You need to hold the traffic for future reference.
  • If you do not have a website then get a free blog from Tumblr and article the living daylights out of it promoting keywords that go with your book. So if you have a book about kitchen sinks then find all the keywords related to kitchen sinks and then write articles about them- referencing your book at the end, put them onto your Tumblr website and improve its rating- not an article directory’s. then SEO the Tumblr website.
  • If your book is about Kitchen sinks then send free copies/ review copies to blogs in that field. It increases your book distribution and gives you testimonials for your book which increases sales.
  • If you have a fiction book then join websites which talk about that topic, you can guarantee that there are some out there on all manner of subjects. A good 1/4 surfers are website owners so smooze.

Kindle/ Tablet ebooks are not hard to sell because people want to buy them for the small amount of money that they are willing to give over. That is the key and it is why non-fiction rules all the time on Kindle. A cheap price is a remorseless buy. BUT do not cheap yourself out of a job.

There are many websites that mention authors who have made millions from Kindle, but they usually have multiples of tens of books already online which vastly increases your readership and the chance that someone will buy it. So instead of buying one book for 99c they might buy 5 for $5 and that is one person. So the law of amounts and blanketing rules.

However they need not to be works of art, but you have to put some time into making sure that the book is readable, legible and fun. If you read through some of the comments laid out at some of the prolific authors you find that the quality actually isn’t the best…but then again what do you expect for 99c.

Should you be different and make a quality book for 99c. Well yes, it should be anyway, but the point is that how long have you spent creating it in the first place? I try my best and write everything that I can for the low price that I offer my books for. Because I want my name to be associated with quality and research- not the quick buck.

But it is a hard line to follow.

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