8 Ways To Increase Conversions Today

Conversions can be anything and increasing them is surprisingly easy.

The main problem is actually us. We get in the way so much that it is no wonder why people abort their sale or just go somewhere else. We make everything over complicated, we put barriers in the way of the customer wanting to give us their money and ultimately we never get back in contact with them once a sale has occurred.

Technique 1.

Did you know that a completely lack of pizazz website will sell anything better than a website that has all the bells and whistles?

It is a fact.

When people come onto your website they are Amazon programed…

– does the item satisfy their need for the item

– can they buy it now and quickly

– how many steps do they need to take to get the thing.

Amazon has everything in one place on one page. You can see if you like the item, you can see if you can buy now, you can see if other people like it (to back up your own judgement and to make you feel safe).

Technique 2.

A nicely produced video (that can not be paused or stopped) on a blank screen converts better than text. If a picture of a video with the play button present is applied to an email then the video gets clicked on.

Technique 3.

I wanted to download a free ebook offered through twitter. I get to the page, one page stating in very long language and fluff what the book was about- great, just what I thought (admittedly the text didn’t quite convey what the book really offered), let me get it.

Then there is a sign up box to get the ebook. I stop.

I move away and think of a disposable email address that I could use to get the ebook.

Amazon gives nothing away for free…so why does the loneprenuer still do it? Even Tim Ferris suggests not to give anything away for free.

People will buy more from you if they have already bought from you, we all know that, so your email list should technically be built from previous buyers not freebee hunters right?

It took me a long time to realise that the amount of time I put into creating a freebee product would have been better time spent promoting a paid product. Then offer free stuff as email content to technically “paid subscribers”.

I bought an ebook recently, signed up to their Aweber email system…and got nothing. I am still waiting for an email.

I will buy something from them again because they haven’t ripped me off, the content was good for the price and I could see that they actually “did it”.

Technique 4.

Conversions drop at the “check out stage” of buying. People get remorse or they have to jump through many hoops to fill out the form. But, in 70% of cases they will buy at a later date. Just right not now. So what do you do about it?

Send them an email in 24 hours time revealing the product that they just left at the checkout, its benefits and a great picture of it. However don’t, if you can, reduce the price (53% of big box stores are now doing this).

Technique 5.

Having a phone number, address, email and contact details on the sales and “cart” page increases sales.

Technique 6.

Put a buy button somewhere- usually where someone can see it. Amazon places theirs on the right hand side close to the top. The product is extremely visible and also below it they have an upsell (which also comes at the payment stage).

Technique 7.

Still favorable after all this time and what gets eyes to your text. The most important bit of text is actually the headline. Without it people just do not click on anything. A headline, even though this information is old as anything, is the main thing you should be concerned about. Headlines are extremely simple to test but can reward with huge increases in conversions. People spend ages on the content, but content it only viable if people read it (headlines also force the viewer down the page). Emails get opened with a headline- not the content, a headline opens a sales page stating the main benefit the customer is looking for.

URLs, SEO, huge numbers of subscribers- doesn’t really matter. If no-one clicks on your links then your pages are dead. I have had literally hundreds of pages within the top 1st and 2nd page of Google and I have had very little traffic from them. No-one was clicking on them because the titles were crap. I created the titles regarding what the pages were about- not promoting them to serve the need of the visitor.

Technique 8.

Find CrazyEgg.com and find out what your visitors are actually clicking on and where their mouse actually “looks”. it shows you the heatmap of clicks. If people are going directly to a link that is buried half way down the page- that means they want it- place it at the top of the page and watch the conversions increase. On one example a webpage showed that many clicks were over a picture, but the picture was static. Adding a “clickable picture” increases revenues.