However hard I try I could not get the stoopidly high click through rates (ctr) that many people suggest that you can make.

My conclusion is that most advertised CTR is actually BS…from people trying to sell more BS :)

Here are just a few average CTR that I have checked out:

Email open rate- 0-30% (10-18% average).

Banner Ads/ cold ads- 0-3% max average

Facebook- 0.04-0.5%

LinkedIn- 0.025%

Adsense (people clicking on ads to make you money)- 0-45% (average 3%)

You thought they were going to be more?


Many ads have been turned off mentally by people- they do not respond to the thousands of ads that they see on a daily basis.

But that doesn’t mean that banner ads, small ads etc are dead, it just means that the ads have now dropped down to the CTR that they probably should have been when they were first introduced.

It also means that people sometimes are not looking for something to buy all the time.

It also doesn’t state how many people then bought something.

Sure you can have a high CTR, but then the conversion rate is required and most conversion rates hover around the 0-10% range (not including returns).

It is this conversion rate that messes many people up, all the time, every time. It is the most important stat that you require. Sure, get a ridiculously high CTR (which gets your ad seen) but if no-one buys anything or do what you want them to do…well what is the point of a high CTR? Many people who click on your ads are curiosity seekers however well you create your ad.

I have seen from one high class marketer who dabbles in product launches that they achieve around 15-30% conversion however they have a relatively high return rate because buyers remorse kicks in and the hype of the launch quickly fades.

I just thought you like to know.

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