Are You A BS Guru?

A Guru to business can be split into 3 camps:

1- have done it, got the credentials

2- have done some of it, so the other half of their talking is theory

3- ones that make money indirectly from you

I have been online for many, many years and have seen them all. Many tell you the truth that you want to hear (the make $10,000 a month brigade), sure they might have actually done it, but they have missed out many steps in getting to the end goal.

For instance…one really famous online guru made money selling ebooks. They made millions…BUT…they also spent a fair few hundreds of thousands to get to that stage to start with.

Another one had far more help and business background that people are made to believe- to emulate is impossible, it is like going from A to D without going through B and C, you just cant do it.

So how did this guru rant start?

Well I was watching a well known stock report show on TV and one of the famous pundits didn’t know why Twitter stock had dropped. They then stated that they told people to go “long” with the stock- in other words keep it because it will do well. Then in the same sentence they stated that they sold all their stock in Twitter 2 days before the drop.

I was kinda stunned.

This person gives out advice to people who may or may not have the money to put in the stock in the first place. But they believe, they believe the pundit and the flashy graphics of the TV show…and then it goes wrong.

But do you know what the annoying thing is?

Every single show like this, and online sellers, always put in their small print that stock might go down as well as up. Or you might not make the same amount as the person selling you this dream makes.

There was a famous book released around the 1940s stating: Where Are The Customers Yachts?

But it doesn’t seem to matter.

Another example is some of the hedge fund companies and their CEO forecast for the future. now these hedge funds bet with your money if something is a valuable investment or not. Most of the CEO reviews, when reassessed…were wrong with a good one getting 2/10.

Luckily being online helps you to research figures who should be influential, and it is a simple way to get a mentor, just go to their homepage and subscribe to their blog/ newsletter, quite simple. They give out great advice, for free.

Just don’t always believe, take a step back and wonder, could this be right?

Seth Godin has written about “how to make money online” it also has one of the best points that can be written- points 1 and 2. You can read it here: Seth Godin. How To Be A Guru And Make Money Doing It.

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