Your Customer Service Sucks

Yes it does.

Customer service is not “how are you” or even “thank you”. Customer service actually is how you treat that customer from once they see you to how they go. So on your website- from the first click to your page to the click that moves them away from your webpage.

Now this includes if they buy something, ask you questions, interact socially etc.

I write this post as a warning to vendors who have had “customer service” hammered into their heads like a jackhammer for the past 20 years…plus.

You suck.

This is why Amazon is killing you…and they should.

My 10 steps in buying your sucky product.

1- I read an interview and I really liked the content, so I followed the interviewee to their website and found the item that they discussed (the interviewer was actually impartial). I bought the video series plus book etc…over what they should really cost to be honest.

2- Now they took my money and that Clickbank receipt comes flying through into my inbox revealing the link to where I can find my products.

3- Obviously they do not check because the products are not there, how stoopid of me thinking that way :)

4- The link directs me to their “membership site” where I have to sign up again.

5- The videos are not there, no that would be way too obvious

6- They are on another website

7- I have to sign up again

8- Now the coupon code doesn’t work- which is the Clickbank receipt number

9- Also, oddly enough on, the course is $3 cheaper

10- confidence in the product? Low.

I now have to wait until tomorrow to find out if anything is working. I have to wait 12 hours for a digital product…I mean, wtf!

If it doesn’t work, then I have to email back…wait another X amount of hours for another email and see if that works? Or even requesting a refund- which I do as there are many other people willing to take my money for far less effort.

The cure to this simple act of customer service?

Downloadable videos you sucky idiots!

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