Why Have I Got To Donate To Wiki?

Just sayin’

Just to point out some obvious:

1- they get other writers to provide the content- providing free services

2- they have no ads from Google- which is OK

3- they don’t have ads which they can filter themselves and have “professional companies” which they can screen

They ask for donations, average of $3. So they are a charity? Wiki Foundation right, making donation to causes and investing in projects. Surely if you were that interested in a project, the site would have specific ads generating a constant and consistent income without having to keep on asking for donations and playing “guilt trip”. You don’t start something else until the first item is generating income to fund the next item. You fund a foundation if you have regular money to actually fund the foundation.

We are supporting people around the world, we give grants, we give this that and the other…With what money? Wiki money that was for Wikipedia not the foundation- because we read Wiki and we want to give a little bit back right because that is what the little annoying banner asks for “if Wikipedia is useful to you”?

But who cares?

Deep down, like deep deep down…Wiki is just a content website and like all websites it has to sink and float with the rest of us. True.

This is the teeny issue that most new websites and many new companies kinda fail to think out- how to moniterise so that they can keep going.

Sure free is awesome, attracts the traffic, the people and the search engines…but if you are making nothing per month and it costs you $10000/month to run the thing…well the economics Wiki article will tell you that you will be out of business.

They raised about $35 million from 2011 and 2012…kinda a lot of cash right? It will also demand more as the years progress:

Salaries and wages               $16.403 Mn
Internet hosting                     $3.432 Mn
Capital expenditures              $1,890 Mn
Fundraising exps                   $1.561 Mn
External contractors              $2.801 Mn
Travel                                   $1.766 Mn
WikiMania Travel(For volunteers) $0.255 Mn
Legal and Audit Fees             $0.759 Mn
Facilities and operations        $1.046 Mn
Volunteer and staff development $0.484 Mn
Merchandise                         $0.197 Mn
Awards and grants                 $11.476 Mn

How on earth does “fundraising exp” cost $1.5 million- surely defeats the object right, sure buy small get large rewards, but this is a website? Travel? Wiki is stationary :) $1.7 million for travel- in a digital world? Hang on?! Wikimania travel…for volunteers…surely the volunteer aspect gives a clue about no payment…$0.25 million, I am totally in the wrong job.

For me? I like Wiki, I do…but there comes a point when you do your laundry in public, people see it and can comment. Wiki should find some moniterisation from somewhere without the need for charity. Kinda harsh I know but that is what it is.