Here Is Why Website Making Might Be A Bad Business

It dawned on me the other day that website making might not be the best idea in the world.

Now if making websites is your business…I would be worried (if I was the buyer). Now most people will shout out Amazon! Or Zappos! But in effect those websites are killing your website business, and they do not care.

Niche is good, but how niche can you go? OK, so you niche into sci-fi books…now you can’t do that for ever. How about sci-fi films, sci-fi computer games…oh dear we are becoming like Amazon and our audience will price compare unless you give a kick ass service. But you might not because other websites are being created just like yours and you are now trying to plug holes and figure out what on earth to do next.

It all comes down to Flippa and websites in general.

The Internet leveled the playing field for everyone, a person can look like a big company and a big company can look outdated.

I was going to buy a website on Flippa and I made my due diligence. I found the website that I wanted to buy (a really good one) was created by someone who had a habit of creating multiple versions of websites of the same theme. So basically,,, etc.

Now the thing is, for each website they could guarantee high placement and they offered hundreds of links as well.

Dubious I know, but then I figured out “that is what the Internet is all about”.

As soon as one successful website springs up multiple versions of that website spring up and the great idea to start with then gets diluted and everyone then is chasing after the same traffic and the same “keywords”. Have you noticed that?

Many marketers can state that you should get an audience and communicate with them and in some ways that does occur. Seth Godin has shown that does work, but then he has taken a segment from that niche and to kick him out from that niche is going to be hard.

And I think that is what he tries to state in his posts/ books. Once you have a great idea/ business/ normal business then you really have to start thinking about your next business BEFORE the competition comes along.

Big companies can not really do that because everything needs to go through planning, meetings etc- and then the website is up and going!

Small quick companies can, but then they can die off really quickly because they rest upon their laurels and don’t do anything else.

I think this is what could happen to our friends Facebook, Yahoo etc.

In time technology changes and you really need to be aware of that. Google has- that is why they moved away from search and moniterized other areas so that if search bottomed out, they would have a fall back. It also helps that each company that they create synergies with the other businesses.

Facebook has got chat…

Erm….thats all at present. What it is doing is moniterizing chat/ social interaction but not really innovating the next business that they want to pursue.They need more people chatting and more people using chat. They they need to figure out how to use those same people in a different way. Should they buy up B&N, probably. Should they create more communication devices? probably, should they buy up a cell phone company? probably.

Pininterest? Great at the time being as long as the company figures out how to get money from the people who use them. But then they too have to figure out how to do that bit more to their business.

Netflix knew that they wouldn’t be the only business around “doing video” so they are going into creating movie content.

Groupon seems to be the postchild for little innovation. Great fanfare at the start, great idea…then the competition starts…and then people figure out if they need the service all the time.

Twitter is next. Social chatting, just like Facebook…but we need a little bit more. More innovation.

Same with Angies List. Great idea but would you pay out per year to see if the professional you use is worthy (if they are listed). Maybe not. And once you have looked would you cancel and pay again later?

Websites are exactly the same as any business.

You start great or build slowly, but if you do not innovate and increase your base users, increase the versatility of the website then the clone of you will take over…doing exactly the same thing.

Amazon surely is the best example of the diversification of their store. And they have done slightly well for themselves.

Seth Godin has done exactly the same. He doesn’t stick to his posts (which can be vague at times) he creates books or lectures, expanding on the posts or his philosophy. The books are larger posts with better detail giving an insight into the topic of the day. Seth is not relying on his posts. But every now and then people need something just a little bit more, a little bit more substance and direction. His website analytics, through Alexa state that his audience does not go up and up- it peaks and troughs and actually since 2011 it is going very slowly down.

If you build a website and are destined to start website making, please just make sure that the underlying topic is expanded upon and grows- innovates.

You shouldn’t be selling just flowers- you should be selling your own cards, your own gifts, your own delivery service, your own photography service. Just selling your own one thing just will not cut it, the audience demands much more, but it also puts you into categories with well established businesses.

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