How Can I Find The Best Affiliate Programs

The best affiliate programs…now there is a new question for you :) But it is one that gets asked each and every time. If you look through Google you will find best of…best 2012, 2013 etc

Most people will go straight to the top of affiliate network charts and figure out which one is the most suitable.

But charts can be manipulated and most of the time a top ranking affiliate program has got a ton of competition. But every single time you will find people trying their best to promote the same products.

iPhones are the biggest one. Way too much competition. Now competition is good- because you know the market is vibrant and present but to achieve a placement within this market you need to be spending similar amounts of time and money to achieve similar results to the competition. You can not just throw up a website, a few links from articles and a PRWeb article and be number 1 in the search engines.

Niche is good, always has been. but niche can easily dry up and do so very quickly. Hence why we need either:

  1. a burgeoning market,
  2. a market which is starting to build or
  3. one that has been under served.

Have you noticed we still haven’t found the best affiliate programs yet?

Also have you noticed I haven’t stated that we need a market that is riding high? Usually those are the saturated markets, or, they are markets that might produce additional products (which is good). So different variations of the iPod which were not introduced at the beginning etc.It becomes a burgeoning market- different iPods, peripherals, iTunes etc under the umbrella of iPod.

A market that is starting to build are ones that people who follow that technology tend to find out about. Sometimes insiders, but usually the people on technology blogs, magazines, trade etc

Under served markets are as the title suggests are ones that have more customers than competition, or that the products are not widely known/ developed to the viewing audience. In this situation you can easily bring one technology from one market and bring it to your under served market. So for example a chain saw can be used for gardening, but also it can make the large wood sculpture creation niche a quicker sculpture.

So how do you find the best affiliate programs?

The best affiliate programs are something which you can either see as a demand or something that is going to be a demand. Just because it is on an affiliate network doesn’t mean that there is a customer out there itching to buy it…or if there are any customers at all.

One of the best strategy points is to figure out what your audience wants and then give it to them. Now most marketers will advise you to ask them, but in this situation you might not have an email list or even one single customer.

Google helps with search results, but those results don’t really give us much indication about how many people want to buy or are willing to find out about affiliate programs.

So what do we do?

We lurk.

That is probably the best method. I have been working for a company to integrate a new technology into their infrastructure. It has been 2 years in the making and now we are in a pilot stage. But for 1 year the companys head office was making strategy decisions to whether there was a need for the particular service. So even though it sounded great, you can get blinded by the thought and idea rather than the actual main point. Will someone buy this?

I know that the main marketers buy a subscription to a niche magazine that they want to get into. Others will go into forums and stay there for months trying to figure out the main demand, they they find the product to fit that demand. They also tend to show what is coming out soon or in a few years time.

In my early years I promoted a top selling product, an Abs ebook, very common, very good commissions…and also incredibly hard to crack because so many other people were doing the same SEO that the public actually wasn’t looking for. Even if I changed my SEO there still would be a poor amount of sales because the ebook is not what people want.

But I didn’t know what people wanted, I saw what I thought was a done deal.

The affiliate program that I chose was great, but it just could not be sold to the people who I thought would want it. I didn’t lurk, I had no way in finding out what any of them wanted. And then my SEO was awful because I was doing what everyone else was doing because we ALL listen to the same people in marketing. We were competing with each other, increasing our advertisement costs and our time. In reality, if I took what I sold and then calculated what I spent on time and advertisements I don’t think that I was even getting $1/hour.

Sure I made a sale now and then, but those sales, in the bigger picture, was just making my money back and that’s it.

So then I went back to the drawing board and figured out that I really need to:

  1. figure out who my audience was
  2. figure out what my audience did
  3. figure out what my audience was missing
  4. figure out if it was an under served, overly served, burgeoning or building market

You tend to find that these steps and stages are always being missed out when people answer the best affiliate programs question. I know that it made my life really simple and easy when I was offering a product that people wanted rather than forcing something down their throats that wasn’t meant for them.

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