Proof That Large TV Corporations Can Be Stoopid

TV Corporations have large budgets to do quite a lot of things. Now I love Jon Stewart interviews and the 10 minute segment at the start of his show “the funny rant”.

I also miss it on TV because I prefer to watch many things online…it is just easier and safer- especially if your other half is watching a stoopid decorating program.

So I check out “The Daily Show” and I also get alerted to some of the program content through other websites.

I also live in Canada…which causes many issues.

I can not see video from the direct website “The Daily”

The websites that alert me to some of the Jon Stewart content also do not show to Canada- they describe the content then link to the video, which then becomes fail.

So what do I do?

I go to the parent company- The Comedy Network, find The Daily Show, sit through a minute or two of ads then I can see the show, without any hassle.

So websites are linking to the Daily Show website, which they should do, but do not allow some countries to view their videos, unless they go to Comedy Network. But why should they, why don’t the videos work from the home website?!

So I try Youtube. Obviously one of the best video websites online that doesn’t take into consideration country.

No Daily Show channel. There is Comedy Network- but no specifics and no Daily Show littering up the whole from page. And some of the videos on the front page are from someone who has copied it from their TV, or just talk about the show without even showing it (which is highly annoying).

Now The Daily Show is not the only website that doesn’t allow me to view their videos, but the parent company does. And it is by far not the only one that doesn’t YouSEO

Why didn’t someone check?

Such an obvious question which probably has a huge long winded answer which fails to take into consideration the viral aspect of being online…or that they could grow their audience much easily.