Search Engine Bonus Tip

I have started to figure out that people who make websites and the majority of people who populate the Internet with content are not like the ones who do the most search engine work.

We automatically assume that people are searching for long tail keywords, we also assume that people who use search roughly know what they are doing.

That is actually not search clever.

When you look at the search results for 2013 they reveal a whole host of information that as an “online user” we just don’t realise.

The top Google search engine words for 2013?

Facebook…I mean…wha?!

Well in many cases people type into the search bar the name of the thing that they want to go to- so Facebook, Google and it isn’t exactly a search query.

But even still…when you go through the top 10 of search items there are brands present…not long tail keywords or even SEO’d websites.






Those were the top 5 searched for items.

Then you have actual query search and do you know what people look for? Usually news items or items that have appeared in the news, i.e events. So:

1-      Paul Walkers death

2-      Baby George being born

3-      Celebrities- we want to know about them, so most celebs that are popular get searched for

Then when consumer products come out…guess what tops the charts? XboxOne, PS4…the trend appears high at the time of release then obviously declines. Same goes for movies (Superman topped the search results at time of release).

Everything that is “popular” obviously is highly searched for.  Bitcoin only became a popular search term in late 2013 but registered small searches as early as 2011.

Look at the graphs for “Black Friday” and you will see huge peaks rushing up quickly for around the end of the year- but they also drop off extremely quickly.

But when you search for terms like “Canon Cameras” it was huge in pre-2005 but now? The amount of searches for this term is decreasing- yet people are still building affiliate websites for these types of terms.

Then we have the iPhone. Great searches right? Well sort of.

iphone>iphone 5>iphone 4>Apple iphone.

iPhone is the greater search and the others only appear as higher searches when they appear in the news. They all get a little publicity because the graphs show that they all get a little nudge up at the same time.

Oddly enough, the “Samsung Galaxy” is searched for more than the iphone 5, 4 and Apple iphone but not as more than the the term “iphone”.

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