Selling Ebooks On Amazon Or Clickbank?

Just sent out to my subscribers is the detailed post about selling ebooks on Amazon or Clickbank.

Now this is not actually an easy choice for publishers/ product creators. For consumers yes, but creators no.

For Amazon it all depends upon numbers for you to make something from your work. The conversions are much higher due to the low forced price point of the books being sold.

For Clickbank and other payment processors, it depends upon price. The larger the price the less consumers you need to send through to your sales page but the conversions are less as well.

But ultimately it depends upon the consumer and how much they are willing to spend for your product. Now many people will state to compare with your competitors but you must compare apples to apples. Some books are low quality so deserve to be priced less. Other books have a ton of research and look great AND are of use to the buyer, so they should be priced higher. So detailed knowledge of competitors is required.

One thing that is not going for Clickbank is the non-conversion to a mobile device reader- especially if you are selling ebooks as mobile devices seem to be directing towards an increase in sales, especially for “quick” sales. Admittedly Clickbank doesn’t do conversion, it is a payment processor- allowing you to sell digital goods.


If you found out that your main source of income was ebooks, wouldn’t you try to protect that income from declining because of consumers desire to buy something else.

Anyway, the link to the article is here: detailed post about selling ebooks on Amazon or Clickbank.

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