The Best Online Products To Sell

This “best online products to sell” post really is a continuation from this post: how can I find the best affiliate programs.

Most people will suggest something like an ebook or online hosting. Something that is cheap and possibly with a reoccurring commission.

The best online products to sell though are very usually not out there. Sure you may have found a product that you enjoy and think is great, but now you have to get someone else to have that same giddy feeling which is difficult because:

  1. first you have to actually find that type of person,
  2. you have to figure out what made you buy the item
  3. you have to convey the emotions and the product in such a way in that they would be barking mad not to buy it.

But online not everyone is buying.

Being online actually doesn’t come with massive riches.

Online products are a glut- too many products, too many people promoting and very few buying customers.

The best online products are actually anything that you really want. The online nature is actually a mistake to automatically assume that it has to be digital (even though digital offers free replication and delivery) not everything that is sold online is digital.

In fact being online just makes the process quicker and allows most people to compete at a much lower cost than being offline. That’s it.

In some cases the viewers of blogs are actually blog creators/ journalists, between 25-50% who do not really want to buy anything. My Twitter feed has been subscribed to by other online businesses rather than members of the general public.

But if you go to a place like eBay then you will find that most things will sell- from digital to hard goods. It doesn’t really matter, you just have to get someone to buy the product that happens to be online.

If you want to sell something, go where the traffic is- eBay. Just learn the ropes and then off you go.

If you want to sell something digital then find out where the people most likely to buy your product actually hang out…then place an advert there.

But to say that that X, Y or Z is the best online product to sell would not be doing you a favor because I don’t know how you would go about selling it in the first place. The vendor of the product probably did different things over a long period of time and crafted everything that they did. they took their time, had patience and lovingly sold their product.

My Insurance rep is a great guy. He has about 10-20 insurance companies that he represents. He knows everything about them. I mean parrot fashion with a photographic memory. The guy is good. If I want something he knows which company would be good for me and it is usually one that I haven’t really heard of (none of the advertised players).

If I asked him “which is the best insurance company for me” he would tell me straight away. If I asked “what is the best insurance company” he would not be able to give me an answer because each company is different in their small print, what they offer, who they offer it too and what deductions they pose.

The best online products to sell can be anything you want.

  1. It can be something cheap
  2. it can be an ebook which you created for yourself
  3. it can be an expensive product
  4. it can be a service
  5. it can be advertisement space
  6. it can be a forum
  7. it can be a hard good

But what works for one person never ever works for another because you can never figure out the steps and stages which got them there in the first place and the time which they did it at.

You can whittle things down to make it easier for yourself. So you might want to go down the building your own apps because your audience research found out that is what people want to know about.

So now we have a topic. Who is in the niche that has done it? I believe the most talked about is Chad Mureta.  So now you go looking for his blog, background, work, apps. Read it all and digest. Is Chad the only one that did it like this, or is there someone else that did it cheaper or in a different way that is simpler? When did Chad do it, are the techniques still relevant and cheap or has someone done it now?

So as you can see from one bit of research your initial thought of best online products to sell was Chad Mereta but now you are revealing others which might have less competition, are more efficient and cheaper. Or…you could make your own product based upon Chads method and coattail on his fame at present time and call your own product “XYZ using the Chad Mureta method”.

Ultimately though your best online products are found when you find the audience that wants to buy them. Then you just work your way backward.

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